Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Two More New Tutorials on CST MWS

I uploaded two new tutorials in my youtube channel yesterday. Please check them, comment, like and share. Enjoy!

Tutorial 08: Half-wave Dipole Simulation, Boundary Conditions & Mesh Generation

Tutorial 07: Design of a Half-wave Dipole 

- Md. Nazmul Hasan

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

CST Microwave Studio Tutorials

CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) is getting much attention in academia and industry for its powerful features and solver tools. Unfortunately, there is not enough video tutorials found in online. Therefoe, it's a problem for those who want to start working in CST MWS. Specially, people from academia face problems at the beginning. Sometimes, 'time' is a big issue. You might have 1 week to submit your project proposal and you could not take a confident decision whether you would submit the proposal or not just because it's intensely related to CST MWS and you know almost nothing about CST MWS.  A lot of students suffer from this type of scenario. 
I myself have had hard time in CST MWS while preparing my undergrad thesis. I struggled a lot to learn CST MWS initially and finally I learnt a lot. Fortuntely, I had a lot of time to learn CST MWS but many people might not have the time to learn it just by reading the examples and help documents in CST MWS website. Instead, they might prefer a 10 minutes video which can cover a 100 page reading example.
Keeping all these things in mind, specially the pain and hard times I went through during the learning process and an intention to share my knowledge, I have decided to make video tutorials on CST Microwave Studio.
I have a youtube channel where you can watch these video tutorials on CST MWS. Please visit the channel from the following link.

I've divided  the tutorials into two categories 
  1. Elementary training 
  2. Tutorial
Before watching the tutorial series, I recommend you to watch the elementary training videos.

Wish all of you best of luck who are learning CST MWS.

Md. Nazmul Hasan